Want to know the secret to a successful online business?

Repeat after me: The REAL money is in your EMAIL LIST!

But first, 2 personal questions:

1 – What would you do if one day, on a daily Google ranking check you found that one of your websites no longer appeared at the top of Google, as it had consistently done for months? And all of a sudden, the traffic you were relying on for your income came to a screeching stop. 

Would you be one of those savvy marketers who rely on their email list (not their website google rankings) to grow their business or would you be… 

Oh… I don’t know… a younger version of… MOI! 

2 – What you would say to a colleague who then asked you whether you had an email list in place?

Would you say what I said: “Google would never de-list me because I only use white-hat ranking methods, and thus why would I need an email list?”

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I know what you’re thinking… 

“Jacques, I don’t rely on Google rankings. I have thousands, no, tens of thousands of followers on Instagram, and even more subscribers on my YouTube channel so what happened to you could never happen to me.”

Maybe…  But let me ask you a different question:

If something happened to these social media platforms, or you were de-listed or worse banned! What you would you do?

Would you be one of those savvy marketers with an ongoing email list, painstakingly built over the years? Or not?

If you don’t have an email list, my advice to you dear friends is to start building one today.  It’s not going to be easy. You’ll spend hours upon hours working at it, building it, and fine-tuning your expertise in the process.

But when you do have that email list, if the unthinkable happened, instead of your world collapsing around you, you’d quickly shrug this off as a “bump on the road” and continue to build your online business.

Ps. Think nothing could ever happen to today’s social media platforms? Ask Vine, MySpace, Friendster, Google+, etc…

If you don’t have an email list yet, we can help



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