I am a web developer with 27 years experience in online business. Once upon a time, all a web developer would do was to write code.  Endless lines of code, imprinted with the individualized passions and stamps of the coders who wrote them.

In today’s world, however, being a web developer is no longer all about coding. In fact, with the advances of CM platforms and page creator themes, I would say that 80 pc of the websites we see and love have had little interaction with coder of yester years.

My moto has always been simple:

I don’t just build websites, I build businesses.

It used to be that a website and a coherent SEO strategy was all you needed to bring qualified traffic to a site. That is still very much the case.

However… In the past decades, social media platforms have emerged, which have transformed online business to its core.

Nowadays, if your company doesn’t have a social media content strategy, you’re depriving yourself of a serious opportunity to grow your business organically.

That is not to say that websites no longer, because they absolutely do.  But in today’s market, if you do not combine the benefits of well a constructed website with a sustained presence in social media, then you are placing yourself at a substantial disadvantage compared to your competitors who do.

To recap, here are the crucial elements you need to have a winning online business:

  1. A well constructed website
  2. SEO that works
  3. Internet market
  4. A sustained presence in social media

Social Media Platforms

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • etc