Go Behind-The-Scenes And See

How I Get Social Media Algorithms

To Actively Find New Customers…

… So I don’t chase empty views or risk burnout from churning out content that falls flat.

Get a weekly drop of done-for-you video ideas and captions that are perfect for usiness – so that you can finally turn views into leads, customers, and sales.

But first, a few questions for you:

1️⃣ What if you could flip the script on social media algorithms and make them work for YOU (instead of you feeling like you work for them)?

2️⃣ What if you could confidently poston social media knowing that your content was going to generate sales (and leads) for days, weeks, and months later?

3️⃣ What if you could scrap the pressureto pump out fresh content 24/7 and still get results from your social media efforts?

Okay, last question

What if you could do ALL of that ^ with justone solution?

Well, as you may have guessed, that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you, Jacques. And I’ve kept you in suspense long enough.

The solution is: Video.

The solution is: Video.

And not just any kind of video… short-form videos (think Reels and TikToks).

My guess is, that “solution” isn’t anything you haven’t already heard. But hear me out!

❌ Because if the idea of creating more videos in your already busy days gives you heart palpitations…

❌ Or if your mind goes blank on how to adapt trends to be relevant to your business…

❌ Or if your days don’t allow for 3+ hours dedicated to video creation every day…

You might be tempted to ignore video altogether.

And honestly, who can blame you?

You’re busy enough.

On the flip side… the organic views, traffic, leads, and sales from video are just too good to ignore…

Wouldn’t it be easier to have a database of video ideas, pre-tailored to your business, that updates weekly?

(That’s a little bit of a rhetorical question… of COURSE it would be!)

That’s why more and more social media people are jumping on board and get behing the scene instructions available only on: On Video.

This is the closest thing you can get to done-for-you agency services without agency prices.

Inside of this service, you’ll get fresh content each week, adapted to your business as a Coach, Service Provider, or Product-based company.

(Little known fact: Fresh content smells almost as good as a pie just coming from the oven!) ????

Honestly, I started on my journey on Instagram from an account with 10 followers to now over 80 followers.  I know it’s really low numbers but here’s the thing:

???? I had absolutely no idea how to film a reel let alone where to find content ideas

???? Using the methods and strategies of ON-VIDEO my engagement rate has been going up and up

Engagement by numbers:

  1. My first reel: 22 likes
  2. My second reel: 35 likes
  3. My third reel: 34 likes
  4. My fourth reel: 34 likes
  5. My fithh reel: 64 likes
  6. My sixth reel: 85 likes


Video algorithms are now ACTIVELY WORKING

That’s right. The TikTok and Instagram algorithms are going out of their way to find you new eyeballs for your video content.

 Why? Because the more time people spend watching your videos, the more time they spend on their app (which is their ultimate goal).

 (This is why profiles have experienced viral growth in the last 2 years like never before.)

 The reason your current followers aren’t seeing your content as much is because the algorithms are actually testing it on the For You page (over on TikTok) and the Explore page (hello, IG)… where it’s mostly being shown in front of NEW people.

Join Now and You Get ALL THIS:

The type of content serious business owners need to grow their following and turn them into customers

  • ✅ Access to all on-demand tutorials
  • ✅ Access to live events
  • ✅ 5 Short-form video ideas adapted to your business, delivered weekly
  • ✅ 5 Caption templates paired with each video idea, delivered weekly
  • ✅ A DONE-FOR-YOU Instagram production board for Asana

Each idea comes

  • ✔ A breakdown of what the concept or trend is
  • ✔ A guide on how you can adapt the concept to your Coaching, Services or Product-based business
  • ✔ Any links you need to recreate the trend for your business
  • ✔ Example videos so you can see what the overall concept looks like

And all ideas come delivered to you in a way that you’ll actually use, including:

  • ???? Email format (so that you can read your weekly email and start creating right away)
  • ????️ Portal access (so that you can sign into your private portal at anytime and access all ideas in one place)
  • ????️ Calendar format (so you can schedule the ideas directly into your calendar tool of choice)
  • ???? Asana format (so that you can import the weekly ideas into your Instagram Production project in Asana)

Grow Your Followers & Customers

 Everything You Need to Grow and Sell on Instagram

 All for 66 cents a day