There was a time when ranking in Google was easy.

✨Of course, in the SEO world time is certainly relative. A long time ago, oh say 25 years ago, SEO didn’t even exist, because well, there were no search engines. Then came Excite, Altavista, Infoseek, Yahoo, Bing and of course, Google. 

I can remember a time when you could tweak the title of a post and see your Infoseek ranking move in real time.  Those were the days! 

✨ Now it’s all about Google and how we are held captives in the realms of their obscure algorithm. 

So how do you rank a website in Google in 2022?

My short answer to that, particularly if you are just dipping your toes in the world of blogging, or starting a new one is… you don’t. 

Yes, you read this right!

As much as it pains me to say this, in 2022, it would be nothing short of a miracle for any one with a new blog to select a set of keywords, apply some sort of SEO magic, and have it rank on the first page of Google. 

It may happen, or it might be a particularly obscure word, but by and large, it would be extraordinary.

At this point you might be saying to yourself, well why bother with a blog then? Or Google?

And here’s the other extraordinary truth. You should bother! 

Because Google is still the most popular search engine and can still drive substantial traffic to your site. 

How? How do you rank your site in Google then?

By letting Google do its things whilst you do yours. 

So what’s your thing?

  • Create and publish quality content (Note the word: quality)
  • Consistently
  • Repeat

And Google’s?

???? Google will look at your content, determine its value within the parameters of its algorithm and then start ranking that content for you. All you then need to do is add content related to the keywords Google thing represent your niche. And as you add more content, and expand Google’s interpretation of what your site is all about, you’ll be able to “train” Google to rank your site even better.

See the beauty in this?

It may not be the keywords or key phrases you wanted, but the traffic your site will receive will reflect the nature of your niche and that’s all we can ask for, isn’t it?

To get Google to send us some of that yummy traffic. 

Oh. And it’s free as well!

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