The most efficient, cheapest and fastest way to get clients

If you’re starting from scratch, and need traffic (clients) fast for your business, forget about your website.

✨ As a former web developer, saying something like that before the rise of social media would never have crossed my mind.

✨ Indeed, once upon a time, building a website, and writing compelling content your audiences wanted was the starting point for any online business. The whole process was relatively easy to accomplish. 

✨ You built a site → Added quality content → Worked on SEO → Sprinkled a little of your magic on the whole process and VOILA!  Your main keywords were shown on page 1 of the Google search result page.

✨ Over time, ranking a site on Google became a lengthy process. Whereas it took weeks or months to get keywords at the top of the search engines, competition became such that the whole process began to take a lot longer.  Sometimes years for some niches. 

This is the reason for my controversial title:

✨ In the social media age, if you are starting your online business empire from scratch, focus on building your social media platform.

This is the best and fastest method that I know of to get your message across and reach your audience.

✨ The reason is that with social media, and provided you provide quality content that your audience can relate to, the traffic will come to you.

How much traffic?

✨ Tens, if not hundreds of thousands of accounts reached, even if an account is barely half a year old!

You cannot possibly achieve that with websites.

✨ That doesn’t mean you don’t need a website. You absolutely do.  And if you want to know how to build traffic to a website in 2022 and beyond, let me know in the comments and I’ll do a short tutorial on the subject.

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