Algorithm on Reels

Or how can you use the Instagram Reels Algorithm in 2022 to increase your reels exposure?

Instagram Reels are short videos Instagram introduced in 2020 as a competitor to TikTok. The simple and straightforward editing tools available to creators allow them to incorporate effects and filters, string together multiple video clips, and incorporate soundtrack clips into fun, engaging Instagram Reels.

Of course, Instagram would want us to believe that all the above magic can take place inside a short minute, but as creators, we know it takes a whole lot longer.

The nice thing about reels is that, unlike stories, they don’t disappear at the 25th hour, and you can use them as stories as well!

However, regardless of what masterpiece a video you create is, the possibility of it going viral is entirely dependent on the Instagram algorithm, a behind-the-scenes AI program that makes all the decisions.

To make the Instagram Reels algorithm work to your advantage in 2022, have a look at this video as I list some of the key elements the Instagram algorithm takes into consideration when deciding whether your reel will receive the attention it deserves… Or not.

???? Make sure you take into consideration the following when publishing your content:

  • Relationship: Instagram will show your reel to those who have previously interacted with your content.
  • Relevancy: What is your reel about? What keywords do you use in the caption?
  • Timelessness: Instagram favors new content. Make sure the content you publish is fresh.
  • Engagement: As in the number of likes, comments, shares, and saves. 

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