Content is king.  As long as it’s quality and it’s unique.

Content marketing is one of the pillars of online marketing.  Growing a business is practically impossible if you don’t have a well planned content strategy based on producing quality articles, videos, or posts.

Given that the aim of any serious content creator is to produce quality content above all, how do you then ensure that anything you produce is unique?

Technology has made our world an ever shrinking one and whereas our friends were once our  geographical neighbors, today they live across oceans. The flip side of that wonderful coin is that competition has also grown and we found ourselves wondering how we can set ourselves apart?


With so many content creators targeting our very own niches, how is the content we create going to be any different from theirs?


In other words, how do we make our content unique?


The answer to that question is surprisingly simple and is best illustrated by the following example:


Many, many years ago, when I was at engineering school I found myself doing rather poorly in physics, a subject which I had always been fond of. 


There was a reason for that, albeit not one I am proud about!


I couldn’t, for the life of me, be in sync with my physics professor. However much I loved the subject he was teaching, I just couldn’t concentrate. I remember sitting in his classes, having to dig deep into the recesses of my sleeping brain to remain awake enough to be able to take notes.


Whilst I wasn’t failing at that class, suffice it to say that I was not setting myself up as an example of excellence in that subject.


Then one day, a miracle happened.  My professor didn’t come to classes anymore and instead sent in his assistant to replace him. It was as if a light had been turned on.  I was immediately fascinated by this new professor’s teaching methods and my grades went right back up.


Why am I boring you with this? Here’s why:


Both teachers were teaching the same material, talked about the same concepts. And yet I thrived under the teaching of one of them, and not so much under the other. 

Why? Because both brought their own voices to their classes, their own personalities, experiences, and whatever else defined who they were. I happened to be a lot more comfortable with one of them. And I can assure you there was nothing wrong with the other.


So how do you create unique content?


Bring your own voices, infuse your content with your own experience, knowledge, personality, all these wonderful traits that make you unique.

And when you do that, your content will become unique even if its subject has been written about in thousands of different places.



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