???? This is the first of six reels about how to deal with productivity guilt.

The world seems to be able to present us with more and more options, and you may sometimes feel like you want to take them all.

Speaking personally, I will admit that I am a glutton for shiny objects.

There is always something new that I want to try, a project that I want to sink my teeth in, a new customer I cannot say no to etc…

If this sounds familiar to you, the good news is that it is possible to continue to be intellectually stimulated so that you may do the things that you love.

Here is one tip you can use right now if you feel overwhelmed:

Maintain, and adhere to a sense of order so as not to be distracted.

???? The purpose is not to become overextended, because that can lead to chaos, and chaos can lead to all kinds of things, including self-destruction.

It is ok to feel guilty about not being productive enough. It’s actually a healthy process because it means we are constantly re-evaluating ourselves, our performance, our productivity, and that can only a good thing.



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