So you want to rank your website at the top of Google in 2022

Having a website that ranks on Google is one of the most sought-after goals in internet marketing.

After all, Google holds over 86% of the global search market share and having a site that ranks on its first page is worth its weight in gold. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that traffic?

The answer to that is, of course, everybody. The downside to that is that this is making Google organic search extremely difficult to achieve, notwithstanding the fact that paid search is often much more expensive than on other sites.

Does that mean that should give up? Not if your content marketing strategy is based on sound principles.

Having spent the past 20+ years working as a web developer, I found that as a whole, my content marketing clients have nearly always been part of one of the following two groups:

  1. Clients who had a list of keyphrases they wanted to rank for and as such, wanted a content strategy developed so that they might rank for these keyphrases 
  2. Clients who wanted to be found in Google based on the content they produced, rather than specific keyphrases.

→ From these two groups, the first group is the one that constantly failed to reach their goals.

That is the answer to the question I posed in the reel by the way.

Let me explain this with an example based on a real case.

A customer once contacted me to rank his website for the keyphrase: 

Performance Cars. 

This was his niche, he said, and his audience obviously consisted of people interested in performance cars. He had been with an other marketing agency for a couple of years, had spent a fortune with them and yet, was nowhere to be found in Google for his target keywords.  Could I do better, he asked?

I could, I answered, but “only if you let me develop a content strategy aimed at an audience interested in performance cars, rather than focused on ranking for that specific keyphrase”.

After some back and forth, he agreed to let us have a go. 

5 years later, he had over 6000 keyphrases ranking on the first page of Google providing his website with more traffic than he could ever have imagined. His initial target keyphrase was not on the first page of google.

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How to rank your site in Google



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