Don’t want to show yourself in front of a camera? Here are ideas you can use to create the perfect video without ever having to stand in front of the camera

Videos are crucial for businesses

If you do not include video content in you current content strategy, you are depriving your business from a source of substantial traffic and income potential.

✨ Reels are a great way to increase your reach.

  • Instagram and all major social media platforms are favoring short videos 

But you may not be ready, or willing to show your face in any video you publish and if that is the case, there’s some good news for you:

While your customers will always want to associate a fact to the company they do business with, faceless reels (videos) offer an ideal alternative and can increase your reach and grow your social media accounts nearly as fast as if you were appearing in those videos yourslef.

Here are 10 reels ideas you can use right now to create your next video:

  1. Quote Videos
  2. Behind the Scenes
  3. Stock Videos
  4. Voiceover Videos
  5. Before and After Videos
  6. How to use a Tool
  7. Timelapse Videos
  8. Show your Favorite Books
  9. Screen Record Tutorials

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